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Everyone needs to perform at their best, whether at work or at home. Performing at your best can make the difference between winning or losing that important business deal. Performing at your best can make the difference between your team winning first or second place at an Olympic sports event. Performing at your best can help you take emergency evasive action on a freeway to avoid an accident. Performing at your best can help you be more present with your family and friends and help you balance work and home life.

    What distinguishes the best is motivation, concentration, stability under pressure, and how emotions are handled at key moments. These are key characteristics of “brain health” and top performers are increasingly understanding the importance of accurately measuring brain function and building on their innate strengths. Neurofeedback Therapy, guided by QEEG Brain Scans (the latest in sophisticated functional brain imaging), can help to “strengthen” the brain and deliver results including significantly improved:

    • Attention, concentration and focus
    • Ability to function at your best under pressure
    • Memory
    • Creativity
    • Intelligence (IQ)
    • Task Performance
    • Confidence
    • Well-being and mood
    • Sleep
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    Brain Training 2

    Neurofeedback is a brain-based treatment that uses a sophisticated brain-computer interface to “strengthen” or retrain the brain. Neurofeedback harnesses neuroplasticity and the brain’s natural and life-long ability to learn by training brainwaves, the tiny electrical signals produced by the brain. Neurofeedback gets results which is why NASA uses it in their astronaut space-training programmes and The United States Military use it to train their Special Forces. Neurofeedback is fast becoming a training standard in Olympic and professional sports, and increasingly in the business community and other organisations.

    Finally, when Neurofeedback is combined with HRV Biofeedback and Psychological Therapies (such as Mindfulness Practice) you get one of the most powerful Peak Performance Training Programmes available anywhere in the world.


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