“I can totally recommend Daniel Lane at The Perth Brain Centre. Our son was really struggling with his attention and learning at school, and we knew we had to help him. As a family we have always tried to stay away from drugs if we can, but we were under increasing pressures to medicate him. That’s when a friend recommended us to see Daniel. From the start it was clear that he was there to help us, and it was reassuring to see so many families in the same position as us. We were really relieved that he took some time to actually look at how our son’s brain was working (nobody had ever done that before) and Daniel clearly explained what was going on. He also explained all our treatment options and how neurofeedback therapy could help. Our son recently finished his treatment and is so much better. Thank you.”

RD, Swanbourne.

“Our 11 year old son had been having problems with his attention at school for several years, but this year his teachers really flagged it as a major problem. We’re the kind of family to use drugs only as a last resort, and we know that if we went to see a paediatrician this is what they would probably recommend. A friend at school recommended The Perth Brain Centre to us - “They actually look at the brain !”. Everyone in clinic is so lovely and they took their time to really understand the problems we were facing. Daniel clearly explained what our son’s brain scan showed and was very honest about the likelihood of treatment working. Our son has recently finished his neurofeedback training and attention has improved ten fold. He is doing so much better at school, and the best thing is that he is a much happier kid !”

GH, Ocean Reef.


“We had been really worried about our teenage daughter for over a year. She had been diagnosed with anxiety and had done almost 6 months of psychology, which had helped, but she was definitely not where she needed to be. We had tried medication but nothing seemed to work and she was missing bit of school, just couldn’t sleep and was obviously not happy. We were at a loss. A couple of friends had recommended The Perth Brain Centre to us a few months earlier, and after promising our daughter it was not “just more talking” we booked an appointment. Wow ! We all so wished we had done so earlier. We came in first for the first appointment and a scan and saw Daniel the following week - he was brilliant. He obviously has years of experience helping people just like my daughter and knew exactly what was going on. Daniel showed us precisely where the problems were coming from in her brain. It all made sense. It was such a relief that finally we had found the problem. My daughter completed her training a few weeks ago and is doing great. I would recommend Perth Brain Centre to everyone.”

HP, East Fremantle.

“I had been suffering with anxiety all my life until coming to The Perth Brain Centre. I must have tried at least a dozen different drugs, none of which helped much for long, and many of which made me worse. I had seen 4 or 5 psychologists, and I know people say it helps to talk, but it didn’t work for me. I had been a hopeless sleeper for years and I found The Perth Brain Centre on-line on one of my desperate searches in the middle of the night. It just MADE SENSE TO LOOK AT MY BRAIN - I don’t know why nobody had done or even suggested this before. Anyway, my scan showed LOTS of very fast brain activity (as Daniel said, perfectly normal if I was being chased by tigers, but not normal if trying to think straight or get to sleep). I have only done a few weeks of training to reduce the fast brain activity but can already feel the improvements and can’t wait to do some more ! Thank you Daniel and all the team - YOU ARE ALL AWESOME !”

JA, Trigg.


“I’d suffered with depression every since being bullied at school. I’d tried pretty much every medication, seen lots of other doctors, tried counselling and seen 2 psychologists and nothing had really ever helped. I had given up hope after more than 10 years. My girlfriend persuaded me to see Daniel at The Perth Brain Centre. I was a little (actually a lot) skeptical at first. I had already tried everything I thought, but no-one had ever actually looked at my brain, ever. This is what appealed to me at first. I met with Daniel a few days after I had my scan. It was mind-blowing to actually be able to see how my brain was working ! Daniel took lots of time to explain what was happening. I was impressed that he also explained what all my treatment options were (no other doctor had done this before) and was very happy to answer all my questions. I am just over half-way through my programme and already feel SO much better. I can finally feel my life getting back on track - a big thank you Daniel.”

EG, Melville.

“My partner had been suffering with depression for at least 4 years before coming to The Perth Brain Centre. It all seemed to start after my partner lost his job (which he has loved), but about the same time his brother passed away and we were under some financial pressures. A “perfect storm” as they say. He wasn’t sleeping, eating or doing much and had pulled away from his friends. His GP had put him on anti-depressants which helped a bit (although he put on quite a bit of weight), and he had also seen a psychologist for a while which seemed to help as well. We had both come along to one the information sessions (upon the recommendation of a friend) and were impressed by what we heard. It made so much sense to do a scan and work out what the problem was. We met with Daniel for our results, he explained everything very clearly, and also reminded us about all the treatment options (medication, talking therapies, lifestyle etc). He also clearly explained why brain-stimulation treatment could be helpful and HE WAS RIGHT ! My partner started to feel brighter within a week, and has just completed his intensive 6 week course, now feeling great. Daniel and his amazing team provided a very clear framework and liaised with my partner’s GP (who was also impressed by how much my partner has improved). We both know that we are not quite finished yet, but thank you, this has changed our lives.”

LR, Burns Beach.


“At 26 years old my life was unbearable. I had always been really active, enjoying various sports throughout my childhood, even competing at a state level. Then it all changed. I twisted and sprained my left knee playing tennis when I was 20, and it all went downhill. Within 2 years my whole left leg was painful most of the time, often burning if I stood up or walked too far. Doing any exercise was impossible, and even sitting became difficult. I had to drop my work hours as a Vet Nurse because of the pain. My leg felt puffy and almost a bit seperate from the rest of my body (I know that sounds weird), and often turned blue or blotchy looking in the cold. I had seen lots of physiotherapists, a chiropractor, a psychologist, 2 acupuncturists, and SO many doctors and nothing helped for long. The drugs I was taking made me feel so dopey and I definitely felt depressed, even if I wasn’t technically depressed. My GP had referred me to a “pain clinic” where they told me that my pain was “all in my head” but didn’t tell me how to get rid of it. The pain was starting to spread into my left arm and shoulder by now. Then a friend recommended The Perth Brain Centre. She has seen something on Facebook about brain-stimulation treatment for chronic pain. It made sense it might work, and so I booked an appointment. WOW ! SO DIFFERENT ! The first place that actually looked at my brain. Daniel showed me on my scan that my brain was under-active in an area that was really important for pain sensitivity and controlling movements. He explained how they could help me to “re-wire” my brain using brain-stimulation and special brain exercises, and that this usually worked really well. I completed an intensive 2 week programme a few months ago and my pain is still MUCH better (at least 50% less than it was). The whole team at PBC is amazing and so caring. I’ll be back when I can to do some more treatment in clinic, but they have taught me so much already there is lots I can still do at home to keep me getting better. This really works !”

BN, City Beach.

“No-one really knew how much I was hurting before I came to see Daniel. He’s awesome ! After more than 5 years of constant 10/10 facial pain, and seeing countless other specialists I had given up. My pain was so bad, I couldn’t work and the pain-killers I had to take made me so drowsy and foggy I could hardly think and daren’t drive. I had to stop working and was really depressed. I thought my life was over. And then one day whilst I was searching the internet I came across The Perth Brain Centre. I don’t know why I hadn't seen them before. I had a great chat with Daniel on the ‘phone before booking in, he gave me confidence and hope that he could help. I met with Daniel about a week or so after my first appointment and brain scan. It was amazing. Other pain specialists had told me that my pain was coming from my brain, but Daniel actually showed me where it was coming from on my scan! He explained how I could re-wire my brain to get rid of the pain - nobody before had actually told me HOW to do it. My treatment was pretty intensive and I came into clinic almost every day for 3 weeks, but I started to feel my pain reduce by the end of the first week, I couldn't believe it! I finished the course of treatment over 2 months ago, and my pain is still almost 100% gone. Occasionally it comes back a little if I get really stressed or tired, but I can get back on top of it quickly with a few of the brain exercises I have learnt. I stopped taking pain killers ages ago and can now play with my kids. My life is back on track, my head is clear, I am driving and have a job interview next week. Life is looking great ! THANK YOU !!!”

OS, Cottesloe.


“Our 9 year old son has Autism, ADHD and Anxiety. As a family we have spent years doing all the “usual” therapies like OT, Physio, Speech and some of the unconventional ones like Equine Therapy (horses). He came on such a long way, and is in mainstream school (with an aid) doing pretty well. We had stopped his therapies a while ago - after so long we all needed a break, and his progress seemed to have slowed down anyway. A friend had heard about The Perth Brain Centre and suggested I go along to an information session to find out more about their work. So we both went (safety in numbers !). Two words - Eye Opening. It made so much sense to look inside my son’s head to see what his brain was doing. Surely, someone should have done this earlier ? We met to discuss my son’s results a few weeks later and Daniel showed us that the part of my son’s brain especially responsible for his “default thinking” wasn’t working normally. The more we talked, the more sense it all made. Daniel made a point of telling us that they couldn’t guarantee results but that if treatment was going to work we’d probably see some changes within a few weeks. Our son has been doing Neurofeedback now for 2 months and we have seen improvements across all areas including his attention at school and he seems generally more settled and is sleeping much better.  We don’t know how long we will be doing this for, but whilst it’s working we are not going to stop ! Thank you to everyone - What an amazing team you all are !”

VF, Hillarys.

“Every parent of a child with Autism is on a journey, and we thought we had nearly come to the end of ours with our son, who was 12, before we met Daniel. Years of ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy has all helped I’m sure, but we were still struggling with basic problems like his emotional regulation and inability to deal with change on a daily basis. Every family that has a child with Autism knows how much of a strain this can be. Then a friend recommended Daniel. Of course, years of treatments and appointments had left all of us pretty drained, emotionally and financially, but my friend practically insisted that we at least take our son “even just to get his brain scanned to see what what really going on”. What a breath of fresh air ! Daniel is obviously an expert in how the brain works but managed to explain our son’s results to us clearly and simply. He took his time to make sure we understood. I don’t know why people don't use brain scans all the time - otherwise it’s just guesswork. We had learnt not to expect miracles, and Daniel made it clear that he was not offering one. He explained that most of the people with Autism that he sees in clinic improve. We thought about it for a couple of weeks, and decided to give it a go. Our son started his neurofeedback training a few months ago, and after a few weeks we started to notice improvements, little things at first. Now it’s been a while, we have definitely seen changes - our son is much more settled, seems happier and is much better at “going with the flow” the he ever used to. Daniel was right, this isn't a miracle, but after years of other therapies it’s great to see that we’re not at the end of the road yet. Thank you for your work Daniel :-)”

FN, Claremont.


“I have always been a “headachy” person, ever since a child. I can remember my mother was the same. I used to get what I thought were just “normal” headaches most days for years, then things got A LOT worse in my ‘teens and I started to get migraines. They were killers - they would start in my neck and then spread into my head and face, concentrating around one of my eyes, it would feel as though someone was sticking a red hot poker into my eye. Agony. Everything would hurt - light, sound, tiny movements, even thinking. I just couldn't think. I’d vomit for hours and hours. I'm not sure what was worse, the pain or the vomiting. I would get them AT LEAST 2 or 3 times per week, which meant I never really recovered from one before another started. I ALWAYS had a headache. In between the pain and the vomiting I just cried. There was no way I could work and as for a social life, forget it. I had seen so many doctors and specialists, had at least 2 MRI scans, tried so many tablets, seen acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, done every kind of diet and NOTHING had made any difference. People had told me it was my hormones, my neck, stress, food allergies. I had spent TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars and everyone just seemed to be guessing. THEN I READ THAT MIGRAINES ACTUALLY COME FROM THE BRAIN !!! I googled “migraine brain treatment perth” and found Daniel at The Perth Brain Centre. I WISH I HAD SEEN HIM YEARS AGO. He explained to me, what I already knew by then, that migraines are brain problems. He reassured me that we knew there was nothing “serious” going on because my MRI scans were normal, but these scans just showed us that my brain looked ok - they didn't tell us anything about how my brain was working. Daniel recommended that I get a scan to actually look at how my brain was working - it was easy. We met the following week and he showed my QEEG scans - it was really clear that Daniel knew exactly what was going on, and it was OBVIOUS to me where they were coming from - you couldn't miss it on the scan ! I WAS SO HAPPY HE FOUND THE PROBLEM ! Daniel explained various possible treatments and we decided on brain stimulation - EXCITING ! I came in every day for a week and by the end of the week my migraines had completely gone and I just had my usual sore head. I did some brilliant relaxation training in clinic, and after another week my normal headaches had almost gone. AMAZING ! It’s been a few months now and I FEEL FANTASTIC ! THANK YOU THANK YOU.”

CN, Bicton.

“Our whole family seems to get migraines. My mother, myself, and recently my 17 year old daughter. I had lost out on so much fun in my 20s because of my headaches, and I had strong memories of my mother lying on her bed in the dark for days when I was a girl. I didn’t want the same for my daughter. She had started to miss a few days of school every couple of weeks because she was sick over the past few months and this was causing extra stress which didn’t help. Like me, my daughter seemed to be really sensitive to all of the drugs that her GP had suggested, and none of them helped instead “knocking her out” for days. We were already both doing meditation every day and started doing yoga which was relaxing, but her headaches were still a problem. I had read on the internet that biofeedback training often was effective for migraines and someone had recommended The Perth Brain Centre to us. We met with Daniel after my daughter had her scan, and he explained that her scan indicated that her brain was more sensitive than normal and that this was common in people with migraine. This made sense. Daniel recommended a course of Biofeedback Training in clinic to help reduce the sensitivity of her brain. Over 6 weeks my daughter attended each week for a one-to-one coaching lesson and had some practice to do every day at home. Sonja and Alex (who coached my daughter) had the perfect combination of confidence and technical expertise matched with a genuinely caring approach. In fact everyone in clinic were brilliant. By the end of the course my daughter had not had a migraine for 3 weeks (a record) and her whole demeanour had changed - relaxed and happy. She even said that she was finding it easier to stay focussed for longer when studying. It’s been a few months since her last appointment and my daughter is still doing great. All without drugs !”

HT, Joondalup.


“My husband retired a few years ago, and we could all see that his memory was slipping a bit. Not that he admitted it of course. Forgetting the names of people sometimes, where he left his wallet on other days were a couple of examples. We all noticed that he seemed to be getting a bit low, and didn’t want to do as much as he used to. His GP had suggested that he might be depressed and recommended anti-depressants (which my husband refused to take) and also told my husband to eat more fish and start dancing because it was good for his brain. All great advice that my husband ignored. I managed to persuade him to see Daniel and get a scan and computerised cognitive test done (possibly because my husband had always liked “technical” things).  We met with Daniel the following week who took his time to clearly explain the results and possible treatment options. Daniel emphasised the importance of a “brain-healthy lifestyle” stressing that diet and exercise could make a real difference, and he provided very specific advice which we both appreciated. He also explained that there was some promising evidence for brain-stimulation therapy for improving memory, especially when done with brain exercises at the same time. He didn’t make any promises but did explain that the treatment was safe. We decided to give it a go, and my husband did 3 weeks of treatment, working hard all the time. All of our family, and some of our friends, noticed a real “positive shift” and we all remarked that his memory was definitely better than it was. Even my husband’s GP was impressed at the improvements and wanted to know more ! We both intend to continue with our new brain-healthy lifestyle, and my husband has said he’ll start dancing soon ! THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

WR, Mullaloo.

“Perth Brain Centre is amazing. I have worked in a very high-pressure environment for years. My job is about making the right decision quickly, and there is always a lot at stake. I have always taken my physical health very seriously - eating the right food, exercising, not drinking (too much !) and had even started meditation. I knew that it was really important to look after my brain too, and I felt that sometimes my memory for some things wasn't as good as I needed it to be. I had also noticed that I was finding it harder to “switch off” at night and this was affecting my sleep. I had also recently noticed a bit of a panicky feeling before giving presentations and this was not like me at all. I was usually a very confident person. A friend of my wife recommended me to see Daniel for advice. It made sense to me to look at how my brain was working - that’s what first appealed to me about the clinic. I also took a cognitive test which showed that my memory was actually above normal, but that my attention wasn’t as good as it should be. I met with Daniel for my results and he explained everything very clearly. He showed me that an area of my brain was over-active and that this was probably causing my “busy mind” and affecting my attention. We agreed to do some neurofeedback training to help get my brain running better, and I also did a biofeedback course as well. I have noticed significant improvements in my focus and memory at work, and feel I can make much better decisions. I can switch off easily when I get home, and my wife has noticed this, and I can get to sleep much quicker. I know the biofeedback course I did has helped my performance at work too - I feel back to my younger self - as cool as a cucumber ! Thank you Daniel. Found the problems, fixed them. Simple.”

AD, Floreat.