The Perth Brain Centre (est. 2007) is Western Australia's longest established clinic providing state-of-the-art brain therapies. We have been helping people with ADHD and Learning Difficulties, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, and Migraine for more than a decade. The clinic uses QEEG Brain Imaging to direct effective treatments and natural ways to help the brain by utilising the brain's natural ability to change known as "Neuroplasticity".

This is an exciting time in neuroscience and there are an increasing number of clinics offering brain-based therapies. Patients of The Perth Brain Centre can be reassured that all treatment programmes are developed by our Clinic Director, Daniel Lane, who is one of very few clinicians in Australia fully qualified in both QEEG Brain Imaging and in the specific brain therapies that we provide. Patients can also be reassured that treatments are evidence-based (copies of which are available upon request) and provided by a team of experienced registered Occupational Therapists. You are making the right decision to choose The Perth Brain Centre to help you.

We provide effective help for people with:


Our friendly and caring multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals have years of experience working with people of all ages using the latest brain-based therapies. So, take a few minutes to discover how we can help you or someone you know.

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