What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried. It is a serious condition, characterised by persistent excessive worry, that makes it hard for a person to cope with, and take pleasure from, daily life. We all feel anxious from time to time, but for a person with anxiety these feelings cannot be easily controlled.

Anxiety is often associated with depression and can affect people of all ages, from children at school and those at work, to grandparents at home. Research shows that on average 1 in 4 people will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives, with over 2 million Australians experiencing anxiety in any one year.

At this stage we do not know precisely what causes anxiety, latest research using sophisticated brain-imaging suggests that it may be caused by problems with key networks in the brain that regulate the control of cognition (thinking) and emotions (feelings). Research has shown that factors including a family history of anxiety, stressful events (such as changing schools, moving house, separation of parents, bullying, work stress, relationship difficulties and accident or illness), physical health problems (such as dizziness and vertigo, hormone problems, diabetes, heart disease and asthma), drug or alcohol abuse, and personality factors (such as low self-esteem, perfectionists, being easily flustered) can all serve to increase the risk of developing an anxiety disorder.

How do we help Anxiety?

Everyone is different and there is no single treatment for anxiety that helps everyone. At The Perth Brain Centre we primarily focus on providing effective drug-free treatments for anxiety including: 


IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not provide emergency treatment for anxiety, depression or other mental health problems. If you or someone you know requires emergency care please contact  https://www.lifeline.org.au/ or https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/ and for additional help please also see: http://healthywa.wa.gov.au/Articles/J_M/Mental-health-emergency.

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