Tools for Health for Men and Boys - Men's Health Awareness Week

In June, around the world, attention is turned to the health and wellbeing of males. Particularly the preventable problems that are highlighted in the infographic you see. But, when you ask google for information regarding men’s health, even when you search only for ‘positive’, ‘good’ and ‘healthy’ information about being a man, you really have to dig through a lot of tough statistics to find the plus side. So we’ve found a constructive, solution focussed, way to rethink these negatives.

70% of developmental and learning disabilities affect boys
  • Look for early signs in your boys.


Suicide is in the TOP 3 for reduced lifespan in Men…

  • Worries, anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD and substance abuse disorders contribute heaps to the risk for men taking their own lives.

  • If you are worried about a mate, or a young man, ask directly ‘Are you thinking about suicide? This shows you care, are up for a real chat and know where to go for help.

  • If a precious life is in danger, don’t hesitate, call 000 or Lifeline 13 11 14.

  • You are not alone and the way you are feeling can change with effective treatment.

  • Effective brain-based treatments are available for anxiety, PTSD and depression.

Photo by  Scott Blake  on  Unsplash

Photo by Scott Blake on Unsplash


Men = 94% workplace deaths

  • Worksafe says 56 Aussies have lost their lives at work already this year.

  • Transport, farming, fishing and construction are highest risk.

  • If you are feeling stressed, the guy next to you is likely to be feeling that way as well. If you sort out your stress you can help your mates too.

  • Look after your levels of stress and you will feel more confident to tell your boss about safety concerns.

  • Brain scans helps find the impact of stress on your brain. Biofeedback is used by the military and Perth Brain Centre to treat stress.

More men are involved in fatal car accidents

Alcohol kills 6x more Men than Women

  • Is anyone trying Dry July? Ocsober? Or FebFast? Good reasons to ‘pause for a cause’.

  • We are socially wired to combine alcohol and fun. But why? Many of us want to do fun more, and alcohol less, but don’t know where to start.

  • We get home from a massive day and have a drink, instead of really talking to our Family, our mates, or doing something positive for ourselves. We need to find more time to chat and share happiness with the people who help us smile.

  • If a teenager drinks alcohol it affects the way their brain develops and may make them more likely to have problems with alcohol in the future. THINK. Don’t send your kids mixed messages.

  • Your local pub is selling heaps of very low and no alcohol options, this quenching industry is booming, just ask!

  • Find your fun, be more fun with your Family and friends, do that more and drink less.

There are heaps of great activities happening around Perth during Men’s Health Week…including Yoga with free brekkie and a Q&A at Complete Physio in Palmyra, fitness classes at Surge Fitness and an Open Day at the Men’s Shed in Ellenbrook. Check out the Men’s Health Week Australia website for information on the events near you.

If you would like to find out more about anything we’ve mentioned above please call Perth Brain Centre 65003277. Our Clinicians are happy to talk to you about drug-free brain-based treatments for what maybe holding you back from happiness, making it hard to learn, stressing you out, getting you down and putting you at risk. We want to speak to men who can make a difference today for themselves, for their awesome kids and for their mates.

About the author - Emily Goss, OT. Senior Clinician, The Perth Brain Centre.

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