The Perth Brain Centre, established in 2007, has been helping people with ADHD and Learning ProblemsAnxiety, Autism, Depression, Chronic Pain and Migraine for more than a decade. We use QEEG Brain Imaging to direct effective treatments and natural ways to help the brain by utilising the brain's natural ability to change known as "Neuroplasticity".

Our multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals have years of experience working with people of all ages using the latest brain-based therapies. So, take a few minutes to discover how we can help your patients.

Evidence-based drug-free treatment and advice to help relieve depression.

Improve performance in the boardroom and sports-field using cutting-edge assessments and brain-boosting technologies.


Effective and evidence-based treatment for ADHD and Learning Disorders for families looking for an alternative to medication.

The latest brain-based and drug-free treatments to help treat chronic pain.


Innovative, drug-free and effective treatment for people looking for long-term relief from migraine headaches.

Effective help for people with anxiety who want an alternative to medication.

Discover How We Can Help