Feel Good February - Part 4 - Science of Happiness Course

Last year Australia was ranked the 9th Happiest Nation in the world (according to The World Happiness Report), 5 places above The United States, and just below New Zealand. This is a great result, but probably most us don’t always feeling as happy as we would like to be. 

“Feel Good Feb” is a great initiative at the heart of which is to spread a little happiness, and in this last week of this global campaign we would like to share another resource that we often recommend to our community - The Science of Happiness.

The Science of Happiness is an amazing free course developed by The University of California’s Berkeley Greater Good Science Centre. Experts in neuroscience, psychology and other fields teach science-based principles and practical strategies for a happy and meaningful life. So take a few moments to watch this video and explore the course, and don’t forget to share this information with your friends, family and colleagues at work.

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